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Soft Organizer 3.40 Checks for Updates Five Times Faster

As you may know, not only does Soft Organizer allow you to remove programs and reveal traces they left in the system, but you can also check for new versions of programs you want to keep installed. Thanks to those features, your computer system isn’t cluttered with unnecessary leftovers, and your entire software collection is kept as up to date as possible, providing stable and reliable operation overall.

While developing the check for updates mechanics, we eventually realized that the entire procedure can be made much faster and more precise, greatly increasing the convenience of using Soft Organizer. So we made changes to accomplish this! We developed a new version of Soft Organizer (3.40) that implements an innovative check for updates procedure.

Program Rank in Soft Organizer 3.31 or How to Reveal Low-Quality Applications

The new Soft Organizer 3.31, a tool to help users manage installed software on Windows XP – 8.1 systems, has been released. Using this tool, Windows users can install programs, keep them up-to-date, and remove unnecessary ones along with all traces they left in the system.

New programs can be installed with tracking that allows you to remove them completely later, as the need arises. This feature is hard to overestimate, as it allows you to install unknown or non-trustworthy programs that can affect the system unpredictably.

If some application was installed without tracking and now needs to be uninstalled, Soft Organizer scans the entire system after the standard uninstalling procedure finishes to find and eliminate all traces such an application may have left in the OS. Traces removed include settings, temporary files, and other elements that usually stay in the system forever.

Extension of Program Removal Capabilities of Reg Organizer 6.30

A new update Reg Organizer 6.30 has been released today. Changes in the new version mainly cover the program removal tool, though other modules of the program, such as the registry editor, the autorun manager in the “Important registry section” tool and others, have also been modernized. Let’s take a closer look at the changes.

Multiple Removal of Programs in Reg Organizer 6.25

From version to version, Reg Organizer gains something useful and interesting. The last update, 6.25, is no exception. In the new version we’ve taken the problem of convenient operation of the complete application removal tool seriously.

Working With Soft Organizer 3.20 Becomes Even Handier

Meet the new update Soft Organizer 3.20 with brand new and enhanced capabilities bringing in additional comfort while working with the program. The list of installed programs is now significantly shorter; the ability to uninstall several programs simultaneously became more obvious; and the option to read and write comments to any given application is featured.

Why You Should Update Reg Organizer Now!

In the brand new Reg Organizer 6.20, we have added three new capabilities for Registry Editor and Application Uninstaller to make your work with the program even easier than before.

3 New Possibilities in Soft Organizer 3.15

While working with program manager Soft Organizer 3.15, certain questions often arise. For example, “What kind of program is this?” and “Why do I need it?” There are situations when you uninstall an application as usual and later find out that its installation was tracked by Soft Organizer. Or you may need to tell a tech support guy the list of installed programs. All of these are now available in Soft Organizer 3.15.

New Features of Reg Organizer 6.10

Uninstalling a program is easy, but when it comes to removing the program and all residues it has left in the system, the process becomes tricky. Earlier, removing programs requiring a reboot with Reg Organizer or Soft Organizer couldn’t be finished correctly without certain workarounds. This made using these two programs a bit more difficult.

We are glad to present new version of Reg Organizer 6.10 and Soft Organizer 3.10 featuring significantly improved uninstalling of applications that require a reboot. Interestingly, the process has become so simple that it doesn’t need any actions from the user anymore. In order to complete the removal process, a user simply needs to run Reg Organizer/Soft Organizer, and the utility will ask to finalize the removal. The whole thing is so simple now, that you don’t have to do anything at all.

Soft Organizer – the New Name for Full Uninstall

Chemtable Software releases its new product – Soft Organizer. This powerful application manager for the range of operating systems from Windows XP through Windows 8 allows the user to install programs with tracking and if required to uninstall them completely, including all traces residing in the system. In addition, Soft Organizer can notify the user about newer versions of applications installed on the computer.

Simplified Program Removal in Reg Organizer 6.02

Today we have released Reg Organizer 6.02. It features the enhanced process of unnecessary program removal with the “Application Uninstaller” function. This function allows to install and to fully uninstall unnecessary applications along with all traces it could have left in the system. This isn’t an everyday functionality – in some cases the default program removal is enough and there’s no need to delete application’s traces.